Thursday, September 25, 2008

Somewhat of an Epiphany

I was thinking that it would be appropriate to begin by posting a letter that I e-mailed to my friends and relatives last week.

Dear All,
I wanted to write and let you all know that I bought a ticket to Japan
for October 13th.

Two weeks ago at work, I experienced somewhat of an epiphany. On a
personal level, I've accomplished a lot this year. I got serious about
learning guitar, I played in some great bands, and I've made more
friends than I ever imagined possible in a town that I always
mislabeled as "boring". I worked a few decent jobs and traveled to
some great places. Even while doing all these great things, the best
adjective to describe my life here is complacent. Things have been
cozy here, but the more I search for stepping stones to the other
side, the farther away the shore seems. While getting caught up in the
routine of a regular office job, my ambitions have digressed into mere
items of conversation rather than goals that I should be pursuing.

You all know that I'm interested in Japan. In fact, I had dreamed
about going there since doing a research project in high school when I
was 14 years old. Getting to spend the summer of 2005 in Japan was one
of the most incredible experiences I had while in school. Ever since,
I've looked for opportunities to return. Unfortunately, I seemed to
fall flat on my face with every application I've sent. At this point,
I've decided the best plan will be for me to pave my own way. Perhaps
what I'm looking for will find me for a change.

A tourist visa is valid for 90 days, so I plan to spend the time
traveling, reconnecting with people I met in 2005, and searching for
some sort of job or opportunity to keep me there. My return flight is
currently scheduled for January 8th, so it's likely I'll be back in
the States then.

If there is one favor I could ask, it would be for some music
recommendations. For me, traveling means a lot of time alone on trains
watching the scenery go by. In my book, there is certainly no better
time to appreciate a good record.

Keep in touch and stay tuned.