Thursday, September 23, 2010

DJ Open Mic - Be-Wave in Shinjuku

When I first landed in Tokyo, I was religiously attending the Ruby Room's Tuesday night open mic. Via Ruby Room, I've crossed paths with incredible musicians, awesome bands, and many wonderful people who have become by closest friends in Japan.

This time around, I want to plug a new open-mic-style event in Shinjuku, Thursday People at the venue Be-Wave. Thursday People is organized by my DJ friend Michiya Hisano and is an open mic of sorts for DJ's. Perhaps "Open Tables" would be a more appropriate name. Anyone can bring their records and CD's and DJ for thirty minutes. It's an awesome place to try your hands DJing, plug your own events around town, and see where the music nuts are planning their next big bashes.

Here is the Werewolf spinning a set on Thursday two weeks ago:

More details
7:00-24:00 every Thursday, entrance is free!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Japanese Virtual Girlfriends

In case you get lonely this summer...