Sunday, August 23, 2009

An American Mountaineer In Tokyo

I know. Every single blog about some Western dude in Japan has a boring and typical article about climbing Mount Fuji. I'm sorry, but I can't resist my own.

I made it to the summit of Fuji around 5AM this morning. The climb was undeniably exhausting and intense but it was something that simply had to be done. I'll save you most of the details and share a few photos.

Mount Fuji peeking through the clouds from Yamanashi. This view is from my friend's grandmother's garden. We stopped at the house for a 'pit stop' before and after the climb. I still can't believe I was able to scale a mountain with such a behemoth appearance.
Unfortunately, the summit itself was saturated with high winds, clouds, and hordes of other climbers. There was no view to speak of whatsoever and at 12,388 ft., I was feeling a bit of altitude sickness. Fortunately though, a few hundred meters or so down from the top, the clouds broke, revealing incredible Olympian views.
The striking red volcanic stone of Fuji contrasted with blue sky of Japan.
Climbers descending the mountain on the long snake path.
Simply on top of the world, even halfway down the mountain.
This guy was jamming out on guitar right at the point where the weather warmed up on the way down to the base.

And of course, an American mountaineer lost in Tokyo...

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supreme nothing said...

There's nothing wrong with posting your Mount Fuji story, I always want to read another one!

If all goes well, I intend to climb Fuji-san in the near future, so I'm very interested in hearing about people's experiences. I appreciate your tale, and I love the photos. Thanks for sharing!