Monday, February 14, 2011

Vinyl From the Vault: DJing THIS FRIDAY

I'm back up on the wheels of steel this Friday at the Ruby Room.

SUGAR WALLS (DJ's & Beer Pong)
FRI, FEB 18th - 8pm~late
¥1500 (1drink + game)

Yes, you guessed it, Apollonia Kotero (circa 1984), is our spokeswoman. My set will be at 8PM, so come by after work if you have time!

And adding to the tension, yesterday at Disk Union in Kichijoji, I stumbled across hidden treasure.
Prince by Prince, easily my all-time favorite record. I first found this album at a record shop in Harvard Square when I was 19. I vividly remember holding it in my hand in wondering if I wanted to shell out the $7 or not. I bought the album, took it home, set it on my turntable, and my life has never been the same.

This is Your Bloody Valentine, the first album released by My Bloody Valentine. It's nothing compared to the group's followup releases Isn't Anything (my person favorite) and their masterpiece Loveless, but nevertheless this album is an important part of rock history. The singles compilation in the purple jacket is much better musically speaking. Some of the songs have a touch of the washy shoegaze guitars that characterize the group's signature sound that they had yet to develop.

And finally, the self-titled album Skull Snaps, a legendary rare funk record whose drum breaks have been sampled by every rapper since the dawn of Hip-hop.

I'm looking forward to spinning a few of these babies in a couple of days. See you there!

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