Saturday, February 28, 2009

J-Pop Bubble Gum Delux

One of my first paid gigs in town has been teaching the owner of a small advertising company how to use Final Cut Pro. He is an excellent guy knee deep in hot stuff around town. Just check out his website:

His agency also represents 3 singers. One is up and coming Baby M. With a mixed background of Japanese and South African decent, music execs and producers see in her the potential to bridge a huge cultural gap. She is a cool girl too. We chatted a bit after the set.

There were other J-Pop events scheduled throughout the night. These guys were on. I can't remember their name as of now. I'll dig it up somewhere.

I'm going to be frank. Girls here don't have breasts like this. Plastic surgery? They call it 整形。
Last up was a true bubblegum troupe, Domino. These three high school girls pranced around on stage with funky neon tights and coordinated neon jumpsuits. They had a video display showing individual shots of each gal. I got the impression that each one was supposed to have a distinct personality. The tall one was the tough gal. She would rap occasionally. The short one in the center was the cute one. And the girl on the right was the hip one. She had 'Saved by the Bell' style 80's bangs and a ponytail.
The J-Pop machine in action.

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