Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Roomies

The New Roommates:

Takashi - Age: 20 - Paris, France - Occupation: Vocational Student - Is a quarter Japanese and speaks fluently, knows most English words but has yet to address me in my native tongue

Masae - Age: 24 - Shikoku, Japan - Occupation: Student

Yasuhiro - Masae's little brother, crashing with her for the time being

Fumi - Age: 26 - Occupation: Radio Host - We have lots of parallel interests in the music world. She said she could help me look for a job in music.

Sou - Age: 26 - Fumi's boyfriend - Occupation: ??

Nobuhiko (goes by I-chyan) - Age: 22 - Occupation: Waseda University Student - Speaks excellent English, studied abroad at BU

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