Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Getting back to the original purpose of my blog before all you hipsters started reading...

I took a day trip to Yokohama today.

Here at Minato Mirai, sailors were preparing the sails for a ceremonial demonstration aboard the Nippon No Maru.
Only in Japan can a city of 12 million people be bordered by a city of 3 million people.
My grandfather lived here in the port city for over a half year during the occupation after WWII. I have a hunch that he might still recognize many of the Meiji era buildings dotting the cityscape including the beautiful pair of brick warehouses on the warf.
Yokohama is also home to Japan's largest Chinatown.


Alex said...

There are some pretty cool festivals coming up in Yokohama. We should go check them out.

sjb said...

Does your grandfather have any pics of his time here? My uncle dug up a few from Meiji Park from his post here during the Korean War.