Wednesday, July 15, 2009

加藤ミリヤ: Miliyah Kato

Miliyah Kato, 21 year old Japanese R&B pop star

I was in Shibuya's Don Quixote department store this afternoon when I saw this video playing in the music section. I had to pause a minute to admire:

Part of the standard Japanese lexicon for barroom small talk is "Who is your favorite GayNoJin?" If your Japanese isn't great, as mine was when I first got here, you'll at first think they are asking, "Who's your favorite Gay person." What Gaynojin actually refers to is any person of talent, whether they be a singer, actor, or talking head on TV.

Given the question, I'm usually at loss for an answer. More often than not, I pick Miliyah Kato. Her voice is soulful, her songs are funky, and on top of that, she's young and she's pretty. Her artistic personality is mature way beyond her years. Watching the video, I find it hard to believe that she just turned 21. Her song 19 Memories, recorded when she was 19, is even more incredible. 

But the real reason I pick her is because my first part time gig in Japan was at her management company, the same guys who work with Shota Shimizu and Baby M. Every time I used to walk into the office, I would always be greeted by a big promo poster of her. I think a part of me secretly hoped to run into her at some meeting or other order of business.

Whenever she has a major show in Tokyo, I always make sure to send an email to the boss asking if he needs any help. Unfortunately, it has yet to work...

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松川茂 said...

i love Kato Miliyah :) RING is sooo amazing!