Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mos Def in Japan

If you've got some time, check out this videopod from Current TV following Mos Def on his recent tour of Japan. I think it is a pretty awesome outsider's look on the fascinating city that Tokyo can be. Mos gives his two cents on all the cool topics including Harajuku fashion, Tokyo baseball, the bullet train, and of course Mos Burger (Japan's aptly named burger joint). There is also quite a bit about The Ecstatic, Mos Def's most recent album which looks awesome.

Hip-hop's singular voice meets Asia's hippest city. What more can I say?
One thing I didn't like: there's a scene where a Caribbean sounding woman praises Mos for moving his Japanese audience on to their feet and grooving. She claims, "Nobody sat down during the whole show. That is so rare in Japan." I'm not sure which concerts she's been going to, but that's been far from my experience. Way beyond the stereotype, Japanese people know how to get rowdy.

And also, for clarification, the bullet train doesn't run on magnets yet.



awesome blog!

Ethan said...


Reuxben said...

I'm not really into hip hop but that was a really fascinating video, it makes Japan feel so magical, for lack of a better term.

Although Mos Burger was actually kinda gross when I tried it...

Anyway, great post, great video!

Ethan said...

Mos Burger gross??????
Dude, I don't know which one you were eating at but that s#$$@t is delicious!

Yeah, I enjoyed Mos Def's comments a lot, especially in comparison with my own first impressions of this place along with my current thoughts.