Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sheep Metal: Bo-Peep

I told my friend I was going to see Bo-Peep this weekend. She knew of the group through my blog.

"Oh, those girls are cute," she said.

"Well, cute... more like scary middle aged women who play loud music."

Bo-Peep. Mika, Ryoko, Take, Tokyo's three queens of the underground rock circuit. They are one of the most genuinely aggressive bands that I know. Even as a three-piece, their sound is absolutely huge. To my ears, they cross the middle ground between punk and arena hard rock, using Jimi Hendrix blues scales with overdriven guitars. But their originality is all in their compositions, highlighted by complicated rhythms and Mika's signature piercing vocal sound. There is no one quite like them in town. Listen for yourself.


"Spiral Revolution" - This song highlights their expanded sonic palette.
"B級モーション" [B-Level Motion] (first of the Is It Good For You? samples) - This is Bo-Peep's signature track, displaying a fierce guitar sound, Mika's wild screaming, and an intense guitar solo at the end.
"Crazy Bomb" - This song proves that Bo-Peep can take it up to %110, but fortunately for our health, general well-being, and innocent souls, they don't crank it to this level all of the time.

This past show at Shimo-kitazawa Garage was the third time I've seen Bo-Peep take the stage this year. I think it was their best performance. Mika told me they played 4 new songs, all of which were fantastic, completely proving to me that this isn't your average noise-rock act.

I joined the girls for a few drinks after the show. Their onstage act would certainly suggest a life of debauchery, but unplugged and out and about, all three girls are sweet, cute, and wicked friendly. It's a surprising contrast. But I won't make the mistake of trying to keep up with them.

"She izu doreenka." [She is [a] drinker] Ryoko said pointing to Take. We goofed off for a few hours, but I was out of there before I could start any trouble. I took the last train out of Shimo-kita. God only knows what went on afterwards.

I made it home around 1:30AM. My clothes still smell like sheep and cigarettes.
Ryoko on drums, Mika on guitar

Take on bass

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