Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vinyl Pornography: The Color of Success

A year ago last March, I wrote about salivating in the record stores of Shibuya. Countless shops throughout Tokyo are simply oozing with classic vinyl. The only way I can wrap my mind around the pure volume of material is to keep a definite goal in sight. I have a handful of artists and albums that I am looking for. Today though, I found a real gem.

Here it is, the color of my success:

"The Color of Success" from 1985, Morris Day's first solo album after breaking with The Time.

I've been on a rampage looking for this record for the past few weeks. I've combed through every Disk Union, Recofan, and independent record store that I know of from Ochanomizu to Kichijoji.

This afternoon, while poking around the bootleg CD district in West Shinjuku, I stumbled across a little boutique store called "Beat Collectors." They had not just one, but two copies of this record, among other countless rare grooves that would make any vinyl junkie shiver.

"Beat Collectors" selection may have been more limited than the larger chains, but it was certainly more concentrated. I'll be sure to check out their Shibuya branch. For satisfying my quest, I definitely owe them an unofficial Werewolf endorsement.

As for now, I'll be content spinning the record in my room. It's rare, it's funky, it's "The Color of Success."

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