Saturday, November 22, 2008

Food Poisoning

This post consists of two letters.

Letter #1)
Dear Trusted Blog Subscribers,
Apologies for the recent delay in posting. There have been two major factors behind my tardiness. First off, this past week has been jam packed with activities, musical, social, and linguistic! Secondly and unfortunately I've come down with some sort of food poisoning these past few days. I've been more or less confined to my apartment since Thursday morning. When I get better, things will pick up.

Letter #2)
Dear Japanese,
Thanks to your cuisine, I've spent the last two days stuck in my apartment with food poisoning. You don't even want to know the details... Here's an idea, cook your food for once! And stop buying cheap ingredients from China! And also... stop eating McDonald's! It's not good for you!

And stop smoking!

had to get that off my chest, sorry


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