Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GO!GO!7188 - Ukifune

Metropolis ran an article a few weeks featuring 10 famous Japanese songs. My good friend Daniel Robson nominated "Ukifune" by GO!GO! 7188. Check out his review here.

He was most impressed by the band's ability to tie together traditional Japanese sounds and themes (the title comes from a character in the Tale of Genji) with crushing modern rock.

As a fan of this band, I wanted to share these videos. I think they definitely give you a good idea of the band's sonic essence. And personally, watching the live video gives me flashbacks to the times that I've seen GO!GO! in concert. I distinctly remember thousands of Japanese people jumping in step to the quirky rhythm of this song.

Here is a live TV spot:

and the official video subtitled in English:

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