Friday, January 1, 2010

A Happy Hannukah and a Bo-Peep New Year

I spent this past New Year's with Bo-Peep. My evening began at 7:30PM when I was packing my bags to head over to drummer Ryoko's house. The thought suddenly crossed my mind, "Why am I packing my earplugs to go to a New Year's party?" Because when it comes to Bo-Peep, I don't take any chances.

We had quite a feast.

Bassist Take sharing laughs in front of Ryoko's favorite records
Frontwoman Mika
An American Werewolf and three Japanese Sheep
A New Year's toast with Mika
A toast with Ryoko's husband, except all he had in hand was a giant Japanese raddish

Ryoko loves cats.
Takahashi, Prague's tech, with Ryoko's husband, Yoshinori, bassist from the band Vola and the Oriental Machine
Why do the Japanese live so long and look so young? It must be their healthy diet of sake, beer, and cigarettes. I think I inhaled three packs worth of secondhand smoke.
After midnight, we all went to the local Shinto shrine to pray for good fortune for the coming year.

Here are a few men warming up by the fire.
Deep in the night, the dim temple grounds seemed to evoke another era.
Mika praying to the Shinto gods for Bo-Peep's continued success

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2010!

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