Friday, January 15, 2010

Spunky Afro Tiger Jet II: Boy Allergy Night

Tigarah is a gangsta.

I went to see her late last night at classy Aoyama club le Baron de Paris. She was spinning with multi-national DJ girl group Boy Allergy. The group is comprised of three badass ladies: Eiko and Tigarah from Japan, and Kon-chan from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The music was funky and the bass was booty. The party went on till 4:30AM when the club owners turned the lights on, Japanese for "get lost."

These girls may have professed some serious boy allergies, but fortunately for me, there were no werewolf allergies. Between sets, I got to hang out with the girls, share a few drinks, and chat about the hottest spots and best musicians in Tokyo.

Kon-chan showing off her Brazilian mane with Tigarah getting down...
Eiko on the mix with Kon-chan and Tigarah livin' it up behind the booth
Tigarah and Eiko, ready to scram before dawn
le Baron de Paris, a swanky club in Omote-sando


Mike said...

her album is frikkin tight...

Ethan said...

Mos def! Where did you first get word of her act?

Best song is Much Music Generation!