Friday, January 29, 2010

The Silence of the Lambs: BO PEEP... In Chains

Since this past fall, I've been working with American filmmaker Aaron Jenkin on a music video for Bo-Peep. Our original idea was to do a simple live promotion video and we met with the girls in early November to discuss our plans. Over a few drinks during a late night out with the band, we brainstormed ideas, one of which was captured by Aaron on a napkin.

We shot live footage at a Shibuya performance two weeks later. Thankfully, our array of HD cameras weren't pulverized in the process. Soon after, Aaron returned to his work in the States. The napkin idea was quick to burgeon into and incredibly elaborate setup that he's been working on patiently ever since. I'm not allowed to reveal too much to you, but I will say that the extended plot involves sheep, dolls, rockets, telekinetic energy, and of course rock 'n' roll.

Two nights ago, I had the band over at my place where we set up a makeshift movie studio and filmed a quick scene. Filming took a few hours and the girls had to wear some heavy costumes, but they were great sports and we all had a blast. Afterwards, we cracked open a few beers and goofed off until the last train.

Production should be wrapping up within the next few weeks. You can guess whose blog the final product will appear on first.

Also, if you are interested in Aaron's work, including the video he shot for Tokyo-based band, The Watanabes, check out his webpage here.

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Mike said...

cool pix...when's the video coming out?