Friday, February 26, 2010

Air Guitar...but Air Sex?????

[*viewer discretion advised]

You've undoubtably heard of Air Guitar and even the Air Guitar World Championships, but I bet you haven't heard of this. Witness the latest trend courtesy of Japan,...Air Sex!

Here's what some Japanese guys do when they can't get laid.

Would you call this boredom or creative inspiration? Please please please leave your comments!!!

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Anonymous said...

Neither! It's only sick and stupid. But what I really, really feel sick about is the fact that we are all surrounded by gray areas and fake stuffs! 'Air' something is just one of so many examples. You do get 'air' people who aren't officially what they look like to outsiders. You get 'air' Prada. 'Air' safe food...

One of the guys in there may be quite right about our extinction. I'm not surprised to be honest. It's just a universal truth. Once something gets born, there is always the end to its existence. The cause may not necessarily be sex obviously though. In our case, it may be that our own stupidity of exercising personal egos and industrial individualisation, i.e.iPod, 'personal' computers and games that creates a lot of distance between individuals.

Anyhow, why were you interested in it in the first place, anyway...?