Monday, February 1, 2010

Tance Boy Rocks the Ruby Room

Tance Boy was back this weekend at the Ruby Room for another hot set. Awesome moves, stylish looks, and a simply great sound, these guys are one of the most fun bands I know in Tokyo. Their energetic rock songs are held together by Yun's undeniably bright frontwoman personality and Take's melodic and catchy guitar riffs that stick in your head for hours after each show.

As organizer of the event, I was more than a little on edge before the show trying to get everything in order. I neurotically asked Yun how long they were planning to play. "We want leave them wanting more," she said to me with a big smile.

I think they lived up to their promise. Even with Ruby's dinky sound equipment, they were able to play some of their songs the best I've ever heard them. The band was on fire and everyone in the small yet intimate audience was fully captivated.

Standing out in my mind was their classic tune, Fiat. Hear it on their myspace page. Slightly in contrast to their other brighter songs, I like how the chords have a dark and deep quality.

One of the challenges and pleasures of working with Tance Boy is that they fall far on domestic side of the international music scene in Tokyo. Their following is mostly Japanese and none of the members speak English. When I first pitched them the idea of getting them to play at the Ruby Room, there was some unspoken trepidation, but once they realized that I was a bona fide fan, they were quick to warm up to me.

Catch the band this Thursday at Shibuya's O-Crest.

Bassist Yoshimi

Yoshimi, Yun, and Take
Saki on drums, slightly visible in the back
By the way, of no consequence to Tance Boy, I ran into Tigarah at Shibuya's Mos Burger earlier in the evening.

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