Monday, February 15, 2010

GO!GO!7188 - Ultimate Exclusive Shitty Fan Photo

This past evening, I was again invited to see GO!GO!7188. I've been listening to their albums more lately and I'm getting bit by their bug more than ever.

Tonight's show was at La Cittadela in Kawasaki City. The band was on fire as usual, but due to outside circumstances, the show was a bit unfortunate. Whoever was running the soundboard was asleep at the wheel. The bass was completely buried in low feedback, totally obscuring Akko's virtuosic playing. And worse, the band wasn't given much time to play in the lineup. A group of their stature deserve more time, or at least an encore.

The plus side was getting to hear new songs that the band is currently recording. The new numbers recalled the cross Asian-Rock hybrid of their earlier hit song Ukifune, but have more of an 80's pop feel.

After the show backstage, I was attacked by my usual case of butterflies that I often experience when confronted by awesome Japanese rockstar chicks. While this fan was posing for a photo with the band, I pulled out my camera and snapped my own picture. It was an ad hoc maneuver intended to break the ice, but it only made me feel more awkward.

Left to right, bassist Akko, an eager fan, and guitarist Yuu. Drummer Turkey was hanging out elsewhere at the time.

All the members of the group are wicked friendly and they all remembered meeting me last time, but we were only able to share general greetings. Deep conversations about the nature of rock 'n' roll will have to wait until next time.

For now, I'll leave you with a great music video for their song 片思いフィター [directly translates to Unrequited Love Fighter]

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