Thursday, May 6, 2010

GO!GO!7188 - Acoustic Live

This past evening, I was invited to see GO!GO!7188's very first acoustic live at the Kudanshita Kaikan right behind the Budokan.

With dim theatrical lighting, an assortment of stringed instruments, and atmospheric percussion, I think they were going for a golden age MTV unplugged-type atmosphere. I'm not sure if the medium was a great match for their punky energetic sound, but seeing GO!GO! play a toned down set definitely afforded an opportunity to hear the intricacies of the group's songwriting. The interaction of Akko and Yu's well rehearsed vocal harmonies was definitely a personal highlight for me.

The group began their much demanded encore with an acoustic version of Kinkyori no Renai, (Short Distance Love), one of my all time favorite GO!GO! songs.

At this point, I've been hanging around long enough that the members and managers know me pretty well. Bassist Akko came right at me with a handshake. Upon my exit, both managers shouted to me, "Goodbye Eeesan!"

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