Monday, May 17, 2010

The Werewolf Wheels of Steel: Part II

Wednesday night's midnight DJ set was awesome. In fact, there weren't enough acts to fill the night, so the staff asked me to spin 2 more sets. I was nearly out of good tunes by the end of it!

Prince, The Time, Morris Day, Sheila E, Jesse Johnson, Zapp&Roger... buttocks' were bouncing the night away.

I've taken so much shit over the years for my obsession with Prince. The Haters just don't know how cool his stuff is. When I cue up Prince tracks, you wouldn't believe how hard people get down. I have to say that it is a pretty awesome feeling seeing people grooving to your favorite records. It's ironic when the uncool is just so cool. I think I feel the same about Japanese music sometimes too...

Anyway, here's me holding a delcious piece of vinyl while negotiating with the bartender in New York Jewish style.
[photo courtesy of Mimi's facebook, sorry if you're reading this :p]

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