Sunday, March 13, 2011

An appeal to those concerned about the earthquake

To those of us in Tokyo,

Please don't propagate rumors, false information, and hysteria about the earthquake via facebook and cellphones. Don't contribute to unnecessary panic here and abroad.

Thank goodness that most of us are OK and that the earthquake wasn't as strong in this part of the country.

To those of you outside Japan,

Despite a few isolated incidents, Tokyo is more or less OK after the earthquake. Things will be back to normal quite soon. Don't buy into the unnecessary panic brought on by the news. Most of us in this region of the country are completely fine.

Unfortunately, it's a different story up north in Tohoku where the situation is catastrophic. Please focus your thoughts and energies there where they really count.


Redirne-mak said...

I have no idea how many are reading your blog, but thanks for the post!

Hoping you speak Japanese and are helping those who don't in Tokyo!

Look after your self and good luck!

Redirne-mak said...

I've read that a lot of people from overseas are trying to come to Japan for help, but I'm worried something.

The possibility that another one in a week or so may come is said to be 70%. What if the rescue teams get affected by it?! What's gonna happened to the food supply and so on?

Redirne-mak said...

Hope you know about the powercuts in Kanto area.

Please keep your eyes on the schedule below and help others if you can: