Monday, March 14, 2011

A Slight Atmosphere of Panic in Tokyo

While Tokyo is quite removed from the catastrophe up north, a slight feeling of panic pervades the atmosphere here. Over the weekend, centers of town like Shinjuku and Shibuya were half empty and many  businesses and shops were closed. Small tremors call still be felt every few hours.

Rumors and hysteria have been spreading via facebook and cellphones and some of my foreign friends have been making plans to go home. The news about the nuclear reactors in Fukushima is the most unnerving, but fortunately the plant is 150 miles north of Tokyo and the government has only advised people in the immediate vicinity to evacuate.

I would advise everyone to remain calm and stay alert.

No bread at my local supermarket:

Perishable foods are also running out fast:


Redirne-mak said...

Thanks for the photos. Good luck to you!

Maririn said...

yeah, I was surprised at how many foreigners are leaving Japan..there is no change to life in Osaka