Friday, March 11, 2011


I was in my house this afternoon working on my taxes when Tokyo was suddenly hit by a moderately large Earthquake, by far the largest one I've ever experienced. My entire house was shaking. At first I ducked under my desk, but then I realized that I should run outside before the quake grew any larger.

I got out to the sidewalk and could see the trees in the neighborhood shaking pretty violently. I was standing on solid ground, but felt pretty disoriented by the shaking earth. Thankfully, the quake died down after a minute or two.

It's been about three hours from the initial quake, but aftershocks are still hitting the city. I can't tell if I'm just dizzy or if the ground is still gently shaking.

It was definitely a bit of a scare, but everyone here is OK.

A gas storage tank caught fire in Chiba near Tokyo. There are also reports of tsunamis hitting the coast up in the northern regions.
Check the news for updates on the situation.


Daniel said...

Glad you are alright! I was in a bathroom, so I was literally shitting myself.

Ethan said...

Wow man, bringing new meaning to idioms everyday!

Glad you are alright!