Monday, March 23, 2009

Fish Eye Lens

The other week, I wrote a bit about Fumi, my obnoxious female housemate from Osaka.

A few minutes ago, Fumi was arranging cookingware to prepare dinner with her friend. From the freezer, she pulled out a seran wrapped styrofoam tray of meat cutlets.

"Look," she said presenting the tray to me. "Tuna eyes!"

I'm not kidding you. These things were the size of baseballs. See for yourself...
"Japaneezu Staioru," [Japanese style] she said, inviting me to share a bit.

I've eaten some crazy things here, but I think boiled tuna eyes reign supreme.


erindgr8 said...

check it out-- today was propounding on the variety of acts at sxsw: "not to mention the Japanese female hard-rock trio Bo Peep...." neato!

erindgr8 said...

p.s. we saw this group perform in newark the other day and it was awesome: