Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prague: The Band Formerly Known As Sound Coordination

About two weeks ago, I went to see Sunset Drive play on the same lineup as an up and coming indy group, Sound Coordination, who are currently in the process of changing their name to Prague. It turns out that their manager also owns the company who represents Bo-Peep. He is a cool Japanese guy who has years of experience in the music industry. After the show, we all went out for a few drinks.

Tonight, I went to see Prague at a live house in Shibuya. The other bands were more or less weak, but Prague on the other hand has a totally awesome sound, hard to categorize but something like a Japanese version of Bloc Party. I really dig them and hope to be following them around more often.

After the show, I said hi to the guys in the band. The drummer actually remembered me from before and remembered that I also play drums. I guess being a gaijin comes in handy. Would he have even cared if I was just another member of the crowd?

Being a weeknight, there was no afterparty this time around. But next time who knows...
(This shot is from the first show)

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