Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I just got in a conversation with my housemate, Fumi. She asked me what image Americans hold about Japanese women.

"Thin, young-looking, and quiet," I said. She got very excited and said that the quiet part wasn't true. I realized that she was thinking about herself. She is very loud and animated, much more so than most of my American female friends. Her hometown is Osaka, a city known for it's lively character and sense of humor. In fact, most Japanese comedians are originally from Osaka.

She fits in well with many of the stereotypes I've heard about the city. Her clothes are colorful and quirky, her personality is bubbly, and she is always kidding around. I also once heard that women from Osaka like things with leopard print. Not that I looked too hard, but whenever I go out back to hang up my laundry, I'm always greeted by a few hanging leopard print tights and bras.

"What image do you have of Americans?" I asked in return.

"Raiku Beefu." ["Likes Beef"]

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