Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bo-Peep En Route: Providence

Last night, Bo-Peep played the first show of their tour at AS220 in Providence.

Living in Japan for two years, I think I've forgotten how beautiful New England cities can be, especially in autumn. The fall foliage is incredible, even this late in the year. The girls were equally impressed. You don't see streets lined with fiery orange trees and classic 100-year old buildings in Tokyo.

AS220 is something of an art-gallery turned music venue slash bar & cafe. The location couldn't be better; the space is located right in downtown Providence. If I lived in this city, it would definitely be one of my hangouts.

Bo-Peep was third on the line-up in a benefit concert for Girls Rock Rhode Island, an organization dedicated to supporting young women who play rock music. Could it have been a better fit? The audience ate the band up. I saw looks of shock on many people's faces who were taken off their guard. Could a band from Japan rock this hard?

308 miles are on the car. Next stop: Brooklyn.

Picking the girls up at the Providence Amtrak station


Getting ready for the show

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Courtney said...

Aw, Providence! I lived there the first year after college and worked for Trinity Rep, right down the street from AS220. I love and miss that city.

Sounds like it was a great show. Wish I could've been there. Hope you're well.