Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bon Voyage Bo-Peep!

Last night, we made it to Manhattan for the final leg of the tour. The venue was Arlene's Grocery, an awesome spot in the Village known for having some of the best music in town. Even with the midnight slot, Bo-Peep attracted a decent audience; next to AS220 in Providence, Arlene's had the second best attendance of the tour.

Without fail, the girls gave their all for every performance of the tour. Last night was no exception. I've seen them play their set six times this week and it has yet to wear on me. I'm already looking forward to seeing them take the stage back in Tokyo next month.

So what was it like managing a tour for a Japanese band? I'll save my debriefing for another time. All I can say for now is that musically, Bo-Peep is an incredible band that deserves a place in the American music scene. And personally, they are some of the best friends I have in Japan.

I saw the girls off to the their airport taxi this morning. All good things come to an end, but Bo-Peep will certainly be back to rock America again.

Apprx. mileage: 1250

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John Michael Cassetta said...

Hope you enjoyed the NYC. Moving up there in Feb. Do have the band tour it again for me will you?