Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home Safe

Total Mileage: 1518.0

I drove home from New York City to Syracuse on Saturday afternoon. I guess the exhaustion must have finally caught up to me, because I fell asleep after dinner and didn't wake up until the following morning at 9AM, thirteen hours later.

I still owe you my final impressions of the tour, but for now, I'll leave you with an all inclusive slideshow of my tour photos in chronological order. You'll see shots of all the venues we played at as well as places and people we got to see along the way. Quite a few of my college friends and even my mom make appearances. We had a running joke that the trip was actually the "Ethan Green Reunion Tour".

I've long had the hunch that my existences in Japan and the US were mutually exclusive, but to see friends from both eras of my life cross paths was quite an experience. And it was all thanks to a Japanese rock band...


Click here to view the full-quality slideshow.

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