Sunday, October 19, 2008


First, let me say that I've been to Shibuya many times on my last trip. I was just being poetic in the last post.

When traveling throughout Japan, I often get the feeling that I am in an Anime. The expressions on old women's faces, cute kids running free in the park screaming, trains flying by like planes overhead, modern buildings soaring into the sky with endless lighting, ubiquitous ads and signs decorating every street--the mayhem is straight out of an Anime. Today, while shopping in Ochyanomizu, a double-rotor military helicopter flew by directly overhead. The blades beating the in wind pounded my chest. I half expected a team of special forces to belay out of the chopper to the roof of the nearest building.

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erindgr8 said...

ethan, i'm so jealous. new jersey is the stinky toe of america (armpit would be far too cliche). not that i seem to get out these days anyway-- a symptom of midterms, no?
also, i was trying to find video of your halloween shows on youtube today, but only saw the clips you put up. can you upload the whole thing?