Saturday, October 25, 2008

六本木 - Roppongi

六本木, Roppongi, now officially the worst part of town. I say this in jest. Actually, the area around Mori Tower is known internationally for its groundbreaking architecture and urban planning, a micro-city straight from the future. Even the view from the base is inspiring. Tokyo Tower emerges from the Horizon like an asian Tour Eiffel protruding from the river Seine.

The area is also rife with classy restaurants, clubs, and bars, all interwoven by a network of neon signs and elevated highways.

What's frustrating about Roppongi, is the sheer volume of Gaijin (the rude word for 'foreigner') roaming the streets every way you turn. Hey, Gaijin are okay in my book. Once in a while, young and rash Japanese girls call me "Gaijin-san" which is like "Mr. Foreigner". Gaijin are my compatriots in this city. The Roppongi Gaijin however are a different sort. They are all yuppie Gaijin with starched shirts, gelled crew cuts, loafers, designer jeans, and that boring ex-frat boy attitude. These are the guys who live her for 3 years, get laid all the time, but never learn a word of Japanese.

On top of that, you see Japanese women decked out with American yuppie-style clothes chatting up the dudes in question. LAME!

Honestly, it's as if my least favorite bars were uprooted from their foundations and imported to Japan, patrons included. Syracuse people, I'm talking about Ohm. New Haven people, I'm talking about Toads and Hot T's. You know exactly what I'm getting at.

I once had a laugh with my Japanese friend Masako about "J-style". Roppongi, my friends, is most definitely not "J-style".

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