Friday, October 24, 2008

A New Flat in Ikebukuro

I moved into a flat in Ikebukuro yesterday. The apartment is expensive, small, noisy, and sterile, but somehow homely. I unpacked the few amenities I brought with me and the empty space quickly started to fill up. It'll certainly be a great place for some writing, minus the fact that I have no internet connection. McDonald's wi-fi will suffice for now (yes I get to munch on Japanese Shrimp Burgers while I write these things!)

Ikebukuro is a noisy and hectic part of town, less dense than Times Square, but inundated by almost as many bright lights. I picked the apartment because I wanted to be closer to the action. My wish was granted. The flat is a matter of blocks from these spots:

After nightfall, the place comes alive with all kinds of people. Carefree youngsters out shopping, salarymen getting drinks with the boss, musicians playing and self-promoting on the sidewalks, beautiful women strolling around looking at the latest fashions, homeless men waiting in line for handouts at the shelter, even a drunk woman harassing a police officer. Not too many foreigners however.

I'll be living in this atmosphere amongst these characters for the next month while I look for an opportunity that will keep me in Japan.

This afternoon. I have a meeting with a fellow who works in digital media at Adidas.

Wish me luck. :)

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Susan said...

Good Luck!

and your photos are gorgeous!