Friday, January 30, 2009

Best Tracks from the Tokyo Underground

I've been getting repeated requests to post music to the blog. I can write as many good reviews as I want but it's the music that will do the real talking. I'll try to keep up with this more in the future.

Yuki Kawana - Yuki is a young singer songwriter with rock sensibilities. Rather than the typical acoustic guitar, she travels around town with a Fender Mustang that will melt your face. I saw her play this song last night and was blown away:
I actually just starting playing in a band with her too. Our first rehearsal is next Monday.

Sleepy Head - Pure shoegaze. One of my favorite bands in the Ruby Room scene but unfortunately I've only seen them take the stage once.

Sunset Drive - Toshi, Alastair, and Shin, three of my good friends in town. Remember all the obnoxiousness I've attributed to Toshi? Listen to his guitar squealling and you'll see why.

The Watanabes - These guys are Tokyo's answer to The Smiths, quirky and indy with introspective and well thought out songs, a rock solid stage presence, and a huge fanbase

Qypthone - lead singer Izumi Ookawara has quite the resume. She even has a song on the Grey's Anatomy Season 2 soundtrack.

Bankin Garu - Guitar monster Kei's band. I don't write enough about their vocalist, Shin, one of the more unique voices in town. Listen for yourself.

Little Turtles - This guy hangs out on the streets of Ikebukuro and plays love songs to passing teenyboppers. Pure, unadulterated J-Pop. One day I happened to walk by and heard him playing this absolutely beautiful tune.


Susan said...

Yuki Kawana has a Liz Phair thing going on... Thanks for the links to the music clips!

lexinewman said...

yuki is awesome. i am so happy to hear that you are putting your rock and roll sensibilities to good use over there. :) i can't wait to hear more!