Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reader Discretion Advised

There is a rumor going around amongst the English teachers I know in town. I've heard from multiple sources that Japanese psychologists often recommend their mentally anguished patients to sign up for English lessons. Perhaps they believe that interacting with a foreign teacher might be good for social anxiety? Or perhaps the activity of studying will ease a restless mind?

Regardless, one English teacher I know who has been working in Tokyo for years claims that quite a few of his students have forced him into the role of counselor, a role he doesn't feel qualified for. And on rare occasion, he has even be forced into taking on the role of sex therapist. Read this text message he received from one of his more troubled female students:

Ive lost my self-confidence.(;_;)

I stayed overnite @ his place yesterday.

He didnt cum again.(*u_u)

finally, I did it with my mouth. He came.

Well, at least her grammar isn't bad. Spelling could use a little work though.

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SteelGators said...

How is the english teach supposed to help with that? Make-up and style advice to look more attractive? Maybe show a couple moves? Penthouse letters might help, english and sex advice in one. Problem solved, pass that on... courtesy of the viper