Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Question to the Readership: Your Comments Requested

Dear Readers,
I've been grappling for a while with how to present this blog. I imagine the majority of you are chiefly interested in the Tokyo music scene, but I truly love writing about my personal impressions and experiences as a foreigner in the Far East. I developed in part to create a space focused purely on music.

Are you interested in my personal impressions? Do you care about my crush on the convenience store girl, the fight I almost started, how short my new friends are, or how lovely and how obnoxious people here can get? Do you want to read about the folks I meet, the places I visit, and the quirky things I find?

Do you find my Lost In Translation moments as significant as I do?

As I writer, I feel almost obligated to inject myself into the broader story I am narrating. I'm framing the Tokyo music scene with personal experiences, or perhaps, it's truly the other way around.

Please, leave me comments about what you think. What do you want to read about in Tokyo Werewolf?

Don't be shy.


Lila said...

I'll admit that I found this page through your facebook profile (I think), and I've been reading mostly for the interactions, and not so much for the music scene. But do whatever you want, it's your blog!

erindgr8 said...

i definitely read it to see what you're doing, more than to hear about music. you do write some very nice descriptions of music and musicians, but i suppose it's rather hard to get into without being able to hear it myself. (the best ones are where you talk about yourself playing music. a compromise!)

Alvin said...

I like it! Narratives about living overseas need life's personal elements to better communicate the "feel" of the country. I liked reading about the fight and the "Number One" lady. It's a good balance to the music-scene content for those of us who aren't as well-versed in music from either side of the Pacific.

Also, I wouldn't ask Koreans if they're Chinese or Japanese. I hear that they hate that sort of thing. Colonialism and all that, you know. :)

Ethan said...

You are definitely right. There is a lot of animosity between the Asian nations, a somewhat taboo subject that one treads carefully. I'll have more to say on that when I put together my thoughts on Korea.

Susan said...

I read because I like knowing what it is you are experiencing in your travels and explorations. I get better mental images with your stories about YOU and agree about the music posts - for me, I need to hear the music first hand most of the time. Although, you write beautifully and everything is worth reading.

The Kid Fresh said...

I love all your stories E. I drop by to live vicariously through you everytime I think about the house party... Or waffles for that matter! Keep us entertained. I'll be out there soon to rock some socks off.