Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stories from Korea: Part III - Racism?

I was accosted by a group of annoying Korean teenagers, but I knew it would be fun to play along for a minute. This is what I get for being white. The kids were their own stereotype, terrible English, puzzled looks on their faces, and wowed (and I mean an emphatic Asian-style wow) by every little thing I said.

One of the kids in glasses started pointing to his face. "Braque Face! Braque Face! What you think? Braque Face?" I wasn't sure what he was asking but I figured it had something to do with African people. I was noticeably puzzled.

One of the funny looking kids approached me. "Do you hate Nigga?" he asked with a raising intonation.

I immediately scolded him, crossed my fingers in a huge X and told him never to say that again.

"Sooorri," he replied.

I was very aggravated by the incident. Where do these kids learn these words? Or even worse, the assumption that American whites hate blacks?

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