Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rock Chick (or Your Girlfriend on a Bad Day)

Last night, I attended Rock Chick, an event hosted by Metropolis, the biggest English language free paper in Tokyo. The magazine holds a periodic live music series called Saiko. This time, the theme was female rock musicians.

I was signed up as staff for Natccu, an up and coming indy rock songwriter. Last month, she played a show in LA and then did a series at South By Southwest in Austin. In the coming weeks, she's off to England for a 3 month tour arranged by her English husband and manager. She's a nice girl too. For my duties as roadie, Natccu treated me to a bowl of ramen after the show. Her webpage is pretty awesome. Tell me what you think of the music.
Next on the roster were my homegirls, Bo-Peep, never ceasing to rock the house down. Here is a snapshot of them goofing off before the show:
For being a bunch of nice polite Japanese ladies, you would not believe how heavy their sound is. Check out my all-time favorite song, B-Level Motion.

Mika: quiet and reserved in person, give her a guitar and she goes completely insane...
Ryoko: frail and delicate, but with drumsticks in hand she will smash through concrete blocks...
Take: quirky on stage, quirky off stage...
Third on the roster was Aiha Higurashi from the successful 90's alternative band, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her.
Last was Mass of the Fermenting Dregs (totally sweet name!), a well known punk band. I see their ads all over the major record stores and music magazines. I didn't believe it was possible, but these guys were even heavier than Bo-Peep.

Conclusions for the night: As my friend bluntly put it, "Not all Asian chicks play the violin."

After the show when the audience had taken off, Bo-Peep, Natccu, their managers, their significant others, and myself got a little wild dancing and drinking. I probably should try a little harder to limit my exposure to alcohol and loud music.

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supreme nothing said...

Nice write-up! I'll have to look out for those first two acts!

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs are just amazing! I've been listening to both their releases non-stop lately. Awesome mix of heavy with pop!