Sunday, April 5, 2009

宇宙戦艦ラブ:Space Battleship Love

Guitar Wolf, the legendary Japanese punk band, played a comeback concert this past evening. Due to Guitar Wolf Seiji's hip surgery, they hadn't performed a concert in a year and a half. It had been four years since I had last seen the band perform when they were on their US tour. More on that below.

Here is the t-shirt I picked up, "Space Battleship Love."


supreme nothing said...

This is EPIC news! I hope this show wasn't just a one-off. The world has been a less cool place without Guitar Wolf! We need them more than ever!

Thanks for the update!

( RIP Billy )

ashley said...

Guitarwolf? Cool. After seeing them in Shikoku a few years back, I`m not surprised they needed to take a couple of years off. Just when you thought they had knocked themselves out cold, they jumped up at the nine count and threw themselves around for a vicious encore. Twice!